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Lyrics for Believe! (2011)

Verse One

(hey!) Wars and rumors abound as each one's fighting for what they believe.
Though all are loved the same by God, most will just compare against others.
(but) We're each a different unique perspective that God's perceived,
thus no two are alike! Now how's about we wake the world up!? We're all supposed to be brothers!

Verse Two

So many have been blinded by the greed, "capitalism makes the world go 'round..."
Or so they think! And as they go around fiendishly feeding on wanton desire wherever it be found!!
(oh!) God SOOOO doesn't want mankind to live as it's been! But He understands the "flesh is weak" --
Just accept THIS REALITY: "your" body's just on loan! Your SOUL'S DESIRE must ye seek!


The key to abundant life, and indeed: one's own eternal destiny --
depends, my friends; on just what YOU believe..!
Seek God's will -- in ALL that you do! Give unto Him ALL of the glory!
Then sadness and sorrowful misery -- He'll FAITHFULLY relieve!

We've just got to believe!!

Verse Three

Some believe it's universal; that it doesn't matter which side one's chosen.
Yet God's revelation to us states the deceiver and his followers will perish in the end!
It's as clear as crystal; and my soul rejoices for this guiding beacon!
Jesus is Lord! He's my personal savior and redeemer -- and friend!


Now... I believe that Jesus Christ is God's beloved Son!
That He died, taking each sin throughout ALL time as His own burden --
to the grave! By an eternal death we'll no longer be stricken --
if in HIM we believe and trust, living as His children!

(now repeat chorus 2 times, with freedom!)

"Remember: Your eternity is resting on what YOU believe!"

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