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BIOS Persistant Rootkits

Instructions and/or Information -- Last Updated: October 14, 2011

I've posted (extremely) detailed concepts and organized it all into a complete how-to guide (below) with instructions for removing BIOS Persistant Rootkit viral infections from your computer and related equipment; which has proven to be quite the lengthly process..! To figure all this out, I accumulated several helpful and informative PDF documents on the subhect -- a directory-listing containing these documents is provided below as well. For reference, my entire home network (consisting of 5 actively used PC's: 4 WinXP desktops and 1 Vista notebook, as well as a wireless router and network all-in-one HP Printer) AND several 'spare' PC's I built in hopes of fixing the problem, were ALL infected -- some of the parts (my router that was in use at the time being the prime example) are no longer in use due to lack of security features. People, BPR's are a crippling and dangerous thing -- they basically 'take over' resources from your PC's (and can even infect your mobile device(s)!) in order to subvert the resources (CPU slices and RAM as well as hard drive/storage space) for the purpose of ENHANCING the attacker's 'WAN Supercomputer' -- at least, the ones I've seen were written to do so. I've cleaned my network and while at Narcanon last week spoke with a young man who has a very similar bug on his home systems (AND phone..!) -- YOU MUST place extreme importance on your system (usually Windows..) updates, and I would also recommend Avira AntiVir anti-virus (free) in combination with Comodo Personal Firewall (also free) to avoid catching these kinds of nasty bugs! Be forwarned that MOST computer repair shops are NOT equipped to handle, remove, or repair infected computers -- if they can, you still run the risk of re-infection once you get the PC back home (if your router or other device is infected for example). ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS UPDATE WINDOWS -- check for updates at LEAST on a weekly basis!

OK then... all of this information is provided with no guarantees and is meant solely to help others! Click below to access the web folder containing the helpful documents I turned up in my research as well as the completed removal guide/instructions. THERE IS NO TOOL which can scan for and remove these kinds of infections as of the date I write these words... and I don't know of anyone else (yet) who's been able to successfully remove the infection from a network. What can I say? GOD IS GOOD ya'll! :D Without Him I would have had to replace ALL my equipment...! This is why I am adament about sharing all my knowledge on the subject with this world -- If you value your privacy and want to keep "your" computer truly "yours" then take heed to these words...! ;)

Web Folder for Research Documents]
[The How-To guide]