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Lyrics for By Our Love (2012)

waiting for the other shoe to fall,
wondering how many will choose to try and perceive it as
the blessing it is, or just call it something appalling?
(for as appearances go, it sure seems to deceive..!)

let's just take a quick look back to what's known about Jesus;
who was known by those who saw Him as the Son of God:
* in the churches of His day, He was seen to enlighten His spiritual
leaders when only age 12.
* He showed us love is NOT MONEY when He upturned merchant tables.
* and He ultimately came to upset "status quo" to the point that they killed Him!
(He merely taught others how to live with the love of the Father!)

so then those who knew Him saw Him again in the flesh,
and He continued to teach them until the men He chose
knew that to become His brothers, they must live like He did.

the Father loves sinners, 'cause once they've hit rock-bottom and found that there's nothin' much left; well then, they look down -- onto the rock of Ages!
and since we're all sinners, i say: Hey! let's play: the selfless game!
all 'ya gotta do is just see how long you can manage to go on showing the Father's agape love acting self-LESS-ly during EVERY moment: and do the right thing for others! ... are you ready? ... are you SET? ... now, GO!

Chorus: "By our Love" as has been written; 'tis how all people will come to know
that we're one of His children; that's why our actions should ALWAYS show:
a selfless heart; an out-stretched hand! a humbled spirit that does not judge!
being someone whose every fiber of being bows down to their heart which overflows with the living waters of love by the Holy Spirit! Like a fountain which knows no end!
(i'll be one who loves, as i live -- not one who lives and lets die!) [repeat chorus]

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