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Lyrics for Childlike (2011)

Verse One

Once there was a man, a prophet -- and Jonah was his name.
The prophesy of Nineveh's demise became his claim to fame.
But Jonah knew God was merciful, so he decided instead to flee --
and that he did; he went down to Joppa to board a ship at sea.

"Now, some doubt this tale is really true, and even say it's just absurd!
But I've seen God do impossible things! You bet I believe this occurred!"

So, they set sail and things were well, or so thought Jonah -- there, at first.
But then God sent a storm to them; and the crew feared Jonah had been cursed!
So they threw Jonah out to sea and off the ship did sail;
but Jonah wound up swallowed whole -- down into the belly of a whale!

Now you see -- much of my own life went just like Jonah's story;
fearing what God might have planned for me, I just lived for my own glory.
Until the day God found me, in my own 'big fish of the deep' feeling so alone --
did I kneel down, ask God's forgiveness, and turn from the wickedness I'd known!Chorus

Are you like I was? (been) Running in fear or selfishness (all your days)?
Why are you running from the Lord? Don't you know that He loves you!?
We shouldn't live our lives in fear, but live them according to His ways!
Be Ye not afraid; allow His loving Grace to make you anew!

Verse Two

Nowadays: I Thank God often, for every good thing these eyes discern!
I view each day with hope and optimism, ever since the day of my upturn!
For now that I've become an obedient servent of others after God's own Son,
His blessings constantly astound me so! I've a heart like that of children!

For 'Suffer unto Me, the little children' Jesus said, and truth be told --
that's the kind of spirit one should have, to enter God's household.
The trusting faith, the loving heart; the boundless peace and joy --
all these things God's given me, a childlike wonder as when I was a boy!

(repeat chorus 3 times through ending)

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