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Announcing simplicity, "The Museum," and peace!


The 2016 Tulsa Hospitality House light show video has been posted!


"FutureProof" released today!


"Panoramic Mindscape" released today!

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Last Updated: April 19, 2012

Any and ALL content added/posted after December 31, 2011 is hereby released into the Public Domain. Read below for any applicable copyrights for older (2011 and previous) content, and an explanation as to why this disclaimer is so... "over-complicated..."

This site and all original works of art contained therein, including but not limited to music and literary content, are hereby copyright © by christofori.

Any works hosted on this site which are works of other artists maintain all rights (if any) as established by the original artist. christofori assumes no responsibility for the content of works composed by other artists. christofori provides limited hosting of these works free of any fee or royalty. christofori shall not in any way be held responsible or liable for any claim related to said hosting of other artists' works.

This site contains several literary works, all of which are fictitious. Any resemblance, no matter how accurate, to any actual individual (living or dead) or any location, regardless of it's nature (or degree of similarity), is purely cooincidental. christofori shall not be held responsible for any similarity to actual persons (living or dead) or places, regardless of the nature of the claim or the degree of similarity.

Current releases (notated currently with 'The New Path' designation and cross symbol) also include additional materials available for any/all wishing to use them for performance-oriented purposes only. Please don't attempt to chop up, remix, parody, mock, or otherwise distort any of these songs. While I can't/won't do anything about it if you do, I don't believe God would really appreciate it considering the spirit in which the songs were written. I'm just sayin'.

Portions may be subject to prior copyright or may be in the Public Domain. (Thanks and kudos for this correction in my statement of disclaimer, are due and thus go out to Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director - I desire only that what God's given me:

  • in the gifts of talent, creativity and originality;
  • and also in His will for me expressed in my art, ideas, or prophecies

... be freely given, to be heard/read by any/all people of the world, just as JESUS leads me to share such materials -- from this day forth! However, being that my site does contain older material from a time when I did not hold such convictions (or was driven perhaps by fame or another vain kind of selfishness, as I was for much of my life, rather than by Jesus Christ -- or as 'the new path' which had been included due to my former ignorance), the site thus also carries this entire disclaimer, including my errantly over-reaching copyright statements above. I was then ignorant, though no longer; for lack of knowledge shall not defeat this spiritual warrior! For more information on proper motives in ANY copyright placed upon works by Christians (or their label reps, if they've sold their material...) I encourage you to read the page which God led me unto, thus giving me this lesson! It is here.

I do not believe that any material presented by anyone claiming to be a servant of Jesus Christ, should EVER be "held hostage by a dollar sign" as I have begun saying -- especially works designed to lead others to Jesus or works that proclaim God's awesome glory! Those producing/creating such works I would urge to trust God to provide for them in His faithfulness as He provides for me, which this site states in the ongoing testimony I make available via my full news page (click 'more news" in the menu on the right...). I would encourage any Christian artist bound by any form of legal copyright or other restrictions placed by record labels or media entities, to freely and openly publish their works to the Public Domain, also. Did we not, by the blood of Jesus, accept His gift of grace by our own free will? Should we then, not offer works to the world for their capital, but into the Public Domain for the good of all people everywhere, and to bring GLORY unto God? I do not believe God is glorified by works with constraints (limits of basic rights or fees billed to the consumer for a 'copy' of the works)... and to any Christian reading these words that produces commercially: I urge you to prayerfully seek Jesus' will for you on this matter; and to trust and obey. I know as Jesus also said those in the world may despise you (you may encounter great difficulties, especially if you've been with the label for a while; persistant ones are demons, see the demon buster link at the top or click here to avoid scrolling up); but those of HIS Kingdom shall thank GOD for you -- and His blessings shall truly be made full! Do not forget; we reap that which we sow. I choose not to curse others by requiring their money for what God gives me to send to the world! :D I know and freely state that God provides for my every need, and I charge people NOTHING for any ministry I provide; so that HE receives all the glory -- and when I do such, I've found that He sends me EVERYTHING I need in His perfect time according to His will for my life -- including money I might need (donations in other words -- NOT tithes or 'royalties'). Try it for yourself! Belief is, after all, a way of life -- not an idea. Let your "yes" be yes, and your "no" be no; make no oath, as Scripture tells us! We are to do as we say we do, as GOD'S Holy Word and Jesus' guidance for our lives both tell us. Lies and deceit don't get you into Heaven... so don't 'sell out' by giving your gifts or talents to/for the world BY IT'S RULES. Live instead by God's.