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Lyrics for FOCUS (2011)

Verse 1

Why would they urge me to try and forget
each and every one of those days?
You know the ones; filled with selfish intent,
as I'd struggle to flee from that endless maze?

It all seemed so simple; and yet at the time
I'd never be able to do what was right.
I felt alone, and unloved per my crimes
(would I) ever emerge -- out, and into the light?

I tried and I failed, I'd just let people down.
I was sure I could find my own way
I'd proudly proclaim -- while still wearing my crown --
how great I could be each and every day!

But when I discovered the truth about life:
His clensing forgiveness would end all my pain!
I humbled myself as He brought me from strife
and now I'm as right as the rain!

Chorus 1

(He said:) "Over and over again!
I've seen realities erode;
each was a dream -- so pure and pristine, 'till it was
built up so high that they couldn't let go!"

(and) Just as He said to the wealthy man; as He
gave us the light that would set us apart:
die to yourself and follow His will and there'll be
Focus in your heart!

Verse 2

Heading out into this world and it's darkness --
trusting in the Light at my feet as I go,
spreading the hope that fills what was blackness
as it resonates out, from my heart all a-glow!

Finding people, they're sore and weary!
Wandering aimlessly as they head to and fro.
I hope and pray that they won't just be leery;
but notice the peace within me everywhere I go!

It's clear to me now, I'm to be an example --
a beacon of hope unto those who'll take note.
With God to direct me, I've become a small sample
(of) blessing and grace -- unto all, He'll devote!

Never that we should be selfish or boast --
but to God be the glory forever! Amen!
For selfish intent in the heart of a host
is the factor that changes deed into sin!

Chorus 2

Over and over again!
He's watched realities erode;
each someone's dream or ambition, 'till it had been
built up so much -- they'd never let go!

(and) Just as He said, of the poor widow, as He
taught us to live, (as) do His actions impart:
give unto others, submit to God's will; and then see
Focus in your heart!


I've been made whole! You can be, too!
He brought me out of darkness to know the light of righteousness!
Old ways washed clean; wicked histories forgiven!
Love from God pours down from Heaven upon me and you! It's true!
(just) Follow His path and He'll take care of you!!!

(Note: instrumental break/solo [32 measures, + 2 with modulation into Verse 3] occurs at this point.)

Verse 3

Wonders and signs all around me, He shows them;
where I've come from; what all I had become.
I chose my path; not the one set down by Him --
and thus fell short of His call and His wisdom!

Fall-ing short...
of my true potential....
each and every day:
an up-hill struggle!

If no more, one should take from my story
than which path to choose? What must we do?
Know that those who just live their lives for self-glory
put themselves before God -- to whom ALL glory is due!

They're fooling themselves into thinking, believing:
they call the shots, can decide their own fate...
selling themselves so short in conceiving!
I hope He rescues each one 'fore it's too late!

Chorus 3

Over and over again!
He's seen realities erode;
each one a passion, both humble and bright -- 'till it's been
ruined by selfish and spiteful outflow!

Just as He said, of the prodigal son, when He
gave us the way unto His precious heart:
(we must) humble ourselves, submit to His will; and He'll be
Focused upon OUR hearts!

Chorus (reprise)

(very freely - as God's loving desire for mankind!)

"Over and Over! Oh!
There goes another dream as they chose his own way!
If only they'd hear Me; trust and believe in Me!
I'd guide them wherever they'd want to go!

(but I) Love them so much, I'll let each choose to
follow their heads -- or after their hearts!
Waiting for now; but not much longer still --
PLEASE Focus Upon Your Hearts!"

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