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Announcing simplicity, "The Museum," and peace!


The 2016 Tulsa Hospitality House light show video has been posted!


"FutureProof" released today!


"Panoramic Mindscape" released today!

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begin transmissions [ways to reach christofori]

Easiest way -- facebook. Yeah, finally! Right? Lol. -- easiest for you, less frequently checked by me -- though it still works.

Fastest way -- e-mail. Now then.... Some have already discovered, but others: here's the deal. I grew so tired of sorting through junk that I simply deleted many of my previous/active e-mail accounts.

So you might be wondering... how do I contact this random dude? Well, if you have anything to tell me or want me to get in touch with you instead, let me know via my guestbook (see the 'guestbook' link in the menu to the right). Appologies in advance for the captcha (the funky letters you have to type to submit a post) but it's a needed precaution -- besides, IT HAS BEEN SIMPLIFIED and made easier for HUMANS to correctly interpret. Anyway, if you do post and want me to contact you (in any way other than responding to your post on my guestbook), please be sure to supply your web site and/or e-mail address when posting, and I'll gladly contact you soon!

If you want to know what's been up with me lately, just check out my latest news posting. :)

Though not as regularly as I would like, I actually HAVE been popping into #modarchive on IRC (esper.. see their main site for more info if needed..) more lately..!

No Good!?? You Must E-Mail Me Instead..?

Allright... I'm going to (in a roundabout way, perhaps) go ahead and list my current e-mail address here. Spambots beware.. if you figure this out I'll just delete the account and start anew, again. But I'll forgive as I should; so don't think you'll have any power to cause me angst or to hold a stray 'raincloud' over my head -- God's keeping me quite hapilly positive-minded all the time these days!

CODE: To discern the e-mail address, listed in the statement(s) immediately above this line: ... just kidding. :D

The destination you likely intend to reach is my given initials, relatively oriented towards my official online informational/creative portal via the traditional (and very identifiable) symbol.

. . . I still don't like SPAM and still continue to do all in my power to ensure it's not propogated -- which includes thoughtful actions taken to ensure the privacy of anyone signed up for my site mailing list, as well! However, I do ask that you PLEASE do not include me in ANY e-mail forwards of any kind -- ESPECIALLY chain letters. Nope, I won't hate you if you do -- but I'll likely reply and remind you again, asking you not to, in the case I do get one! :)

With all of that said, I shall now creatively list my e-mail address in a manner which shall also hopefully discourage bots from discovering it!






... isn't THAT a great and unique idea?! WOW -- another awesome idea given me by God right on the fly -- I surely can't take credit for it! And of course if you don't know how to do some of that and would like to, let me know and I'll send you an example or something, to help! :D

With love,
- christofori