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I've recently been studying and writing many things in correspondance with my pastor:

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Awakening the Spiritual Self

This is vital information for any and all people everywhere who do not already know it. The Holy Spirit led me to this truth and helped me put it together in graphic form to represent the Seven Churches of Revelation, also known as the Seven Chakra or spiritual centers of the human body. Here is a graphic -- and here is a link to the text identifying the Churches/Chakra and explaining Revelation to you. I urge you to check this information out as soon as possible!

Technical/Computer Related

[BIOS Persistant Rootkit REMOVAL documents]

Older/fictional Stories

Below, you will find all of my old (2004 and prior) stories! Now I should mention that as you've clicked into a section for LITERARY WORKS, the new site content summarization hasn't been extended into this section; it seemed rather peculiar to even consider doing so for this area..! Anyway, most of the stories here were either inspired by or a result of conversations and/or happenings in or related to the #modarchive channel on IRC (espernet), back when I hung out there quite regularly. Now, most of the characters involved in these works were inspired by people in the channel. For more information on the Mod Archive or for a place to see some of the people who inspired characters in these stories, check out the Mod Archive related links at the top of the page. Also still available (listed in the older links now, but also linked here for your convenience) is the old 'Regulars' page, which I no longer update; though it has been left as-is for historical purposes and to provide a 'character reference' of sorts to anyone interested: The ModArchive Regulars Page (defunct)

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[The Enchanted Forest]
[TimeScape Series]
[Oddities Series]

the enchanted forest

"The Enchanted Forest" was the first set of original stories that I have created based on patrons of the #modarchive channel on (at the time) DALnet (IRC). In it, a group of children listen to the stories, as told by Christofori, of a magical place called the Enchanted Forest. Many of the channel operators from #modarchive are "gods" that oversee the Enchanted Forest, and the other characters which appear have all been in (or still visit) the #modarchive channel. The whole idea of writing stories came to me one night when SLAM (another #modarchive patron) mentioned that he and some of his cohorts from another site used to do the same, and thus the Enchanted Forest was born. At first, the stories were crafted (somewhat interactively) by myself whilst in the channel, and transcripts of those stories are available from the chapter pages (where applicable). The whole idea proved to be quite entertaining to some of the patrons, and thus inspired the other content on this page! So, go ahead and dive in to the Enchanted Forest. You may also want to check out the Character Guide for this series (below) to get a clear mental image of the characters in this series. Enjoy!

Also available is the Character Guide for the Enchanted Forest series!

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This is my newest series based on people from #modarchive. If you haven't already guessed, this series involves time travel. Well, enough about the stories, go read them!

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oddities of time and space

"Oddities" is a new 'series' of stories which will include works by myself and other authors in cooperative spirit. Generally, the stories will be created on-the-fly (ad lib), and will often include whimsical references, quotes, etc.

  • Volume 1 (by Christofori and Cryssalid)
  • Volume 2 (by SLAM[CD-CoS] and Christofori)

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