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Announcing simplicity, "The Museum," and peace!


The 2016 Tulsa Hospitality House light show video has been posted!


"FutureProof" released today!


"Panoramic Mindscape" released today!

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This is a collection of other full-length stories, written around 2004 and prior, by patrons of the #modarchive channel on IRC. This section of stories was inspired by mine and SLAM's collaberation to begin creating stories based on the channel and it's patrons. Each of the stories which follow were written in the respective author's free time, and then later submitted to myself through email or some other means. If you would like to write a story based upon the people that visit #modarchive, go right ahead! I'd be glad to post it here. For now, please take the time to read each of the following stories! They are all well-done pieces of original work, and they're even quite entertaining at times!

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The MASC: Mod Archive Story Compo

Click Here for more information on the MASC and it's future.

I would like to thank all of the people who participated by submitting a story to the MASC. I hope you enjoy reading them!

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