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Paper Means Nothing!

Note: This has been formatted as a speach/presentation that I intend to deliver at my home church, to have it video-taped for the world to see (for free). This was written September 18, 2011. I've now properly made it display according to the rhyme/verse and also fixed a few typos and made modest revisions; these revisions were posted October 11, 2011.

-=-=-=- Trinity delivered to the 4 winds of the Earth -=-=-=-

We're here in Broken Arrow at my church of some 21 years -- Arrow Heights Baptist Church. Now you likely know Broken Arrow by the widely-known term, a code-word for a detonated nuclear device! Well, we've not 'blown up' just yet, so don't worry! How about some of the people here, what's BA known for by it's own people? Anyone?

([I'm sure some others will have some answers. :D ])

([Just in case one answer might be pride... and/or I would volunteer this as my own answer... soon you shall know why..!])

I'm a musician, even one who now serves in the orchestral ministries here faithfully. I started that walk of life while young, and I've always felt that because of my involvement here in the orchestra in God's service, that would be the only reason I were ever of any talent or 'gifted' status as has been said of me. In fact I was, having been brought up here in BA, a proud part of the high school band! Anyone else here today a member or alumni of the ol' "Pride of Broken Arrow?"

([I am sure there shall be some, the church has several who are/were in the band..! :) ])

I was a leader in it! Oh, how important! ... well, no, not really. Those of you in the world out there don't see me that way, do you?

. . .

You know it's interesting, too, how pride can take you across the roads of life.
You see, when I was full of pride -- my life was filled with strife.

It caused this one who saught for God, to wander for many years;
it brought me down into gloom and anger, for I suffered many tears.

Perhaps though, one thing I can state about the places that I walked,
was that they went from here to there; many perspectives with whom I talked.

I saught after that which was NOT in my heart, that which I knew I must have!
But, to the ends of the world as I did search, darkness pervaded around my path.

And oh, the wheels of time did turn and grind at me;
I kept forcing God to temper me so, in the fire HE delivered me!

It made me think I'd been designed to suffer -- some horrible or painful way,
my own emotions I felt were too painful, for me alone to keep at bay.

Along the journey or wheel of life, which turns about us as we go,
I finally found that which, for some time, became my favorite show!

Of course, if you know a bit about me, you'd guess what I'm about to say:
It's "Star Trek!" That bold 'final frontier,' which captivated my mind all day!

The bold explorers, who'd oft risk it all to KNOW "what's out there" --
in "Space" as it is called; how ironic now I see it! It matters not! Why care?

You see the space program along it's way did bring us an understanding,
a deeper grasp upon 'science' -- no, an added detail into GOD's planning.

Space is not for the weak as we've seen, especially remembering those who've died;
'They' know it's not for our hearts to endure, as our shuttles; they no longer fly.

For isn't it true, and I must ask you, how quickly 'the vacuum' would tear
your body (and heart) to pieces! You'd DIE -- If you went there unprepared!

No, "Space" is not for man, because it's not even space at all --
that which you see with your eyes 'out there' ARE GOD'S HEAVENS; they're not for the small!

You see: only God can prepare your heart for that, our journey which doth lay ahead;
the question that Scriptures have asked of us: "What follow you, your heart or your head?"

Each person on the face of this Earth has oppinion, 'tis true!
They don't all stink, repent that if Ye think! They ALL matter to Him; they do!

He who created it all, the God of our Fathers I've known!
Now as He has shown unto me, I continue -- that His seed be now sown!

Perhaps now I get back to the question which faces each man, woman, and child --
"Your head, or your heart?" or wherever it be, no matter if you're calm or of wild!

You see, the story from the Bible which He's explained to me now,
is that of the potter's wheel; where He shapes and changes me now.

Part of my problem throughout all of my thirty-three years,
was that I chose to bare all the problems of those around me, who lived with their fears!

Fear itself is but a demon, or problem -- a spirit under GOD's control;
if man chooses Jesus he should have no fear, it can be delivered out of His soul!

But by whom, and who's face it is which I elect to see?
Who's hands are those 'round the wheel of my heart, that thus mold and shape me?

Is it a loving father, with much power and might?
Does He still wield that power just to instill fright?

Is is a man, called Son of Man or Jesus Christ,
who joined us as a babe on that quiet, still night?

Or is it instead, something bigger and ever-present within all peoples indeed;
a singular Holy Spirit or Ghost which ministers to hearts in need?

Or, as was my own case for so much of my life;
those hands were my own... and that choice brought SO MUCH strife!

But another problem with the viewing of God's trinity
in any singular component at all, leaves him powerless in your mind -- and over your destiny.

For as scripture tells us, there be only ONE begotten son!
He is called Jesus Christ, Messiah! And many other names under the sun.

Most Christians think of Him as a mere babe, with not even a cry to give,
with no power, no might nor experience, to help us as we try to live!

Still others remember Him as He died on the cross, IN THE FLESH on that fateful day,
yet why remember Christ your deliverer, as He was dying.. why just that way?

For it too, while showing us mercy, is an image that our minds read as powerless and weak!
That lord is not MY lord; though His peace and patience shows He's the LORD OF THE MEEK!

For the Meek as 'tis said shall inherit His keys,
and while I was meek did I gain several indeed!

Yet now I'm transformed into something much more, not a god, nor immortal diety; NO!
An obedient Servant unto Jesus... that's all there is of me.

It took hardship, and suffering my own choices in Satan's fire;
oh yes, you of the "World Order" -- that's the "Lucifer" you desire!

Your plans for death and distruction of all humanity -- EXCEPT those you'd choose;
your chosen 'elite' who NEVER kept neat their house of 'order.' No! You'll lose!

It's been fortold, and it shall come true; even now from this town I now speak;
'Broken Arrow' is right! An EXPLOSION of supernatural power, catching within a week!

Trinity Site is for the Earth where the first test nuke exploded;
but Broken Arrow. Oklahoma -- is that which you've failed to've eroded!!

This very suburb of the fabled 'City of Faith' which started as 'Tulsey Town,'
we're becomming one united front for GOD which shall not be blown down!

Though your wind machines tried and tried to manipulate the fear,
world-wide with their reach -- now, where can you wreak havoc or form your 'great tear?'

That scar in the states which you'd hope to deliver,
that would seperate by destroying the Bible Belt with a great tremor?

To bring about your new world order and rule 'the free' with your fear...
I laugh at your power, you control NOTHING because MY HEART KNOWS NOTHING OF FEAR!

To the people world-wide, you must hear these words fully; the choice is yours alone to make:
When what gives you a fear to go through comes, shall you run, shall you quake?

Those things have never worked before, and as a great man did once say:
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" on that great day!

He was the last free-thinking leader of US, and the order did kill him for trying to warn us!

Perhaps that which He lacked is which I've now discovered,
as the whole world I saught to save, yet I need not have bothered!

For true it is, that Jesus has gone ahead of this servant, no longer one fellow!
those 'footprints in the sands' of time; my path -- after HIM did I follow!

I asked Jesus to plant firmly my feet in HIS OWN FOOTPRINTS that lay ahead;
for I knew then and tell all now I failed myself, in my own head!

So I asked God to show unto me how all could be rightfully misled;
and He told me His children were all living from within their head!

The children of His Kingdom were defeated indeed,
from a lack of knowledge, as they live within their greed.

"What must we do Lord, to be faithful and true?
What must we do Jesus, to truly follow you?"

And what He said next unto me, made me quite humble and still.
He gave me the answer years back! I'd failed Him again and again -- UNTIL...

This night as I write, calling myself 'christofori' --
though some mistakenly say I instead was 'christ of ori'

They too, though, were trying to clue me into thee, Lord!
I jest as your poet; YOU ARE CHRIST and due ALL THE GLORY!

But how can the world give you all that which they are, when most call you anything but "King" ...?
A father, a Son, a ghost or a spirit, a prophet or famous story; where is your power in any one thing?

Indeed Lord -- what IS THAT, surely not ALL glory due you!
Amen. Old things pass away, all things are to be made NEW!

As scripture has told us and Order tries now to hide,
it's remembering YOU, JESUS, ARE ETERNAL GOD OF CREATION that unlocks our pride!

As a mere band member here, I still kept with me always,
a silly piece of paper (just like a dollar) that gave me all those wandering days!

Any other local band alumni can likely indeed;
recite for you part of the BA Pride's creed!

([Now reading what I found in my wallet the night I wrote this poem; for reference, a picture is provided via this link])

"Now here is the creed of the Pride
It's true and blue as the sky.

All those who believe it SHALL PROSPER
and those who deny it; pass by.

Upon this 'field of dreams'
we all receive our due,

For this is the only place
where all our dreams come true.

As with all things most important,
it's where our hearts and souls abide.


([AT THIS MOMENT I stop reading.. and hold up my hands if any might have been reading along with me.

I take out the piece of paper from my wallet, and unfold it.


Tossing it aimlessly behind me without a care!

AMEN LORD Jesus!])

Now, to break that rhyme for just a moment, I'll not read that last line.
For you see, the belief you see written is no longer mine!


Because HIS HANDS shape me along my way as I live out each day --
HE'S done so, even delivering me with my selfish devil, to be tempered along the way!

Though it hurt Him when He felt the pain I'd believe were mine,

If we think of Him seperately and not in the whole,
then what kind of God have we thus committed our soul?

A PART of Him but not all, and that friends is ALL REASON for why
I missed the point all of this time; as I wandered by and by!

NO LONGER do I, nor need you wander so!
But if you must see 'facts' to think, then you may never know.

For the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE who I've allowed to be behind 'my wheel'
has set the wheel of my heart on the center of His potter's wheel!

He thus molds, shapes and tempers me -- for ALL things to come,
AND I who FEAR NOTHING of this world, DARE that lion to come!

MY HEART knows no fear, but only LOVE FOR ALL PEOPLE!
I build no more lies nor deceit as my steeple!

AND EVEN NOW shall I prove what I say without fear;
I speak to the ONE out there that's alone -- the selfish "Lucifer!"

Go ahead! Stop this outreach of faith unto the whole earth,
Strike down a weak servant, if you feel you've the worth!

"I DARE YOU to stop me!" are the words I yet echo;
for my feet Jesus plants into HIS STEPS, for it's HE whom I FOLLOW!

World, this time of grace is coming to a close;
you've got one choice to make, and He wants to help all those!

Those who I've seen who were meek just like me,
become evangelic vessels of ALL-POWERFUL GOD -- to serve HIM! You'll see!

All others, from all walks of life as they receive the news,
this message shall leave you not with sorrow, nor feeling the blues!

For That is but one of three colors in life;
all three of them (Red Green and Blue) merge to form blinding white light!

Let not your hearts be troubled, nor your minds think fearfully;
Let Jesus take your heart and put it where HE is so clearly!

to take care of your life, all those living in need!

to His greener pastures! Just as I bare witness: HE SHALL LEAD YOU, too!

All those who think 'yeah, whatever.' know your own fate;
the light of 'this selfish world' -- IT IS YOU! Your own choices have sealed your fate.

Satan is but one selfish spirit, loosed alone right now from the Hell hole;
and He laughed and he screamed "I'M THE VICTOR!" with each of you he stole!

Pay him back for his duplicity now, as you know when you see

Satan's folley was to announce in all places his plans,
so that one day even one such as I could see -- yes me, a simple man!

That 'bigger picture' that is ALL PEOPLE, each one a puzzle piece;
to make one picture, one snapshot; be it war or peace?

That picture is the dream of this "God who now sleeps" --
Jesus who is coming QUICKLY through a night like the thief!

He'll awaken and come take back any found to be His;
Won't you feel silly if you chose you, not to be this?



Praise You, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the ETERNAL GOD OF THE UNIVERSE! AMEN.