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Announcing simplicity, "The Museum," and peace!


The 2016 Tulsa Hospitality House light show video has been posted!


"FutureProof" released today!


"Panoramic Mindscape" released today!

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modula series

This collection is about a futuristic Earth based space program and it's ships. The Modula Class of vessels are the first true deep-space ships that Earth has made, and they were designed primarily for exploration and passenger transport to the "Outer Rim Colonies" (somewhere outside our solar system). The first tune of this series, Modula One, leaves the listener hanging as to just what happens with it; there is a story of sorts, but it is not expanded until Modula Two plays. Modula 3: "Return of Modula One" rounds out the trilogy and completes the story in a blaze of triumphant fury.

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