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stories & literature

the enchanted forest

"Character Guide"

by Christofori

Added - March 26, 2002
Last Updated - June 18, 2002

Some of you have requested that I put up some information, or a "character guide" if you will, for the Enchanted Forest series. So, here it is! Please note that the characters are (mostly) listed in order of appearance. Also, you might check this page often, as updates to it are likely to be more than just a possibility. Also, Please note that new characters and/or places from the final chapter will NOT appear in this guide, so that they are a surprise until you read them. Make sure you read all of the first four chapters before you read the final one!

Characters (in Order of Appearance):

  • Christofori - Christofori is the great storyteller. He has a soft spot in his heart for children, which is why he likes to tell them his wonderful stories. He also appears to have some sort of magical powers, as he can appear and disappear at will. No one knows why this is, though.
  • Slam - Slam is a youngster who has got to be the most inquisitive one in the whole bunch! He actually provided the most input at the inception of this series, so that's why he tends to appear obnoxious in that he always has a question.
  • Growl - Growl is based on grl from the channel. We don't get to see much of her in the stories (as of yet!) but, one day, she'll most likely have her moment of glory!
  • Libris (or *bris)- Libris is an inquisitive person who tends to not be very bright; especially after he is "reincarnated" in the first story. The whole thing about the "pleasuring himself" came about one night in the channel (we think SuperstarSyndrome started it all...). Anyway, Libris is called many names in these stories, and is (for this reason) perhaps the toughest character to keep track of! However, he has become a prominent character in these stories. He even "appears" to the children listening to the story once!
  • Warhawk - Warhawk is a massive hawk who loves to kill people. He's been through a lot, and has befriended many of the gods from the Ethereal Plane of Existence and Ponderance. Warhawk has even been dead before (or, at least he thinks he has!) Anyway, Warhawk is one of the few mortals that live in the Enchanted Forest that the gods actually trust. He will seem to be a tough-guy, but rest assured, he has a soft spot in his heart for disadvantaged children.
  • Schabuda - Schabuda, or sometimes 'Buda for short, has been portrayed as a rabbit in these stories. Little is really known about him, except that he made a brief appearance on the "Xena" show on TV, and that he usually has little to say to anyone. He is one of Warhawk's friends.
  • AcidDose - AcidDose is really only observed a few times in the stories. He's usually an innocent passer-by who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has been known to visit the Ethereal Plane of Existence and Ponderance from time to time, although no one knows quite how he gets there.
  • James-Bond - Sometimes referred to without the dash, this character is one of the children listening to Christofori's stories. However, Christofori created a character in the story for him when the Master realized that the first chapter was putting the little tyke to sleep! In the story, James is a rather large trout who can speak to the other animals of the forest using "Universal Animal Language." James is very crafty; partly due to his having been a Nazi spy at one time. James also is quite a good medic, apparently, as he was able to miraculously heal Warhawk.
  • ModStats - This is a rather quaint individual, of which not much is known. He was created by Warhawk (magically, no doubt...) and is a turtle. As such, he can be quite slow at getting around.
  • Chroniq - This is another of the children to whom Christofori is telling his stories. He, too, seems to be tired at times; so sometimes Christofori will throw his name into the story at various places, to make sure the child stays awake.
  • HyoCHAN - HyoCHAN is also a child listening to the story, though Christofori has added the character to the story as well. In the story, HyoCHAN is a beautiful native girl with whom Libris falls in love. HyoCHAN seems to have an affinity for animals, though, and some of her tastes are more.. shall we say, 'exotic.' Unknown to any of the other characters in the stories, HyoCHAN is actually the daughter of one of the gods!
  • Ralesk - Ralesk is a talented musician who likes to play his banjo at the gates of the entrance to the Enchanted Forest. He doesn't have much, so he plays to earn tips from the passers-by who enter or leave the Enchanted Forest. He has been known to become violent with those who don't tip him well. At one time, Ralesk learned what is called 'black music,' and he proceeded to use it to entice his listeners and put them under a spell. It is later revealed that Ralesk has a rather short temper.
  • Nobuyuki - Nobuyuki has been seen traveling through the Enchanted Forest a few times. He is generally regarded as an innocent; no one really knows much about him. He never does anything to spite another person, and is usually a very genuine, caring person.
  • Stary - Stary is the most powerful of all the gods that live in the Ethereal Plane of Existence and Ponderance. He rules the Plane with a just and loving attitude, generally.  
  • Kruser - Kruser is another of the children who listen to Christofori's stories, although he was not one of the originals. He had been invited to the campsite where the stories are all told by Slam, one of his friends. Kruser is generally well behaved, though he sometimes asks some questions during the story (but not nearly as often as Slam does).
  • MeowMiX - MeowMiX is based on BardCat from the channel. In the story, he is a talking cat who likes to piss people off. Ralesk became his friend for that very reason. MeowMiX was Libris' pet while he lived at Warhawk's pad, though he ended up running away at one point. While he was still there, though, MeowMiX could often be seen trying to hump Libris' leg. Like owner, like pet I guess.
  • Gamba Roots - Warhawk sends Libris and Ralesk out to gather some Gamba Roots during one of the stories. Whilst there, Ralesk uses his black music to give life to the Gamba Roots. Unfortunately, in the process, Ralesk was killed; though the roots and Libris formed a grand friendship. The Gamba Roots occasionally visit Libris at Warhawk's pad.
  • Gargoyle - Gargoyle is the god of the earth (not the planet, the ground). He is the 'unknown' father of HyoCHAN. For some reason, he tends to dislike Warhawk, though many of the other gods either really like him or have no quarrel with him. Actually, the real reason that Gargoyle didn't like Warhawk is because Warhawk didn't care much for HyoCHAN, his daughter.
  • X-Acto - X-Acto is the kind of guy that is in the right place at the right time. He is usually never seen, although he has aided the more-or-less innocents of the Enchanted Forest for years.
  • The All-Powerful Barry - Barry isn't actually in the Enchanted Forest stories, but he's mentioned. This is in reference to a character created by Libris (from the channel; not Libris the character).
  • BardCat - BardCat is one of the newer children to listen to Christofori's stories, and also serves as the inspiration for the MeowMiX character. BardCat doesn't listen to a lot of the story while it is being told, and sometimes ignores it and goes off on his own tangents.
  • Komsip - Komsip is the god of mischief. He reincarnated Ralesk, who had been killed in the Gamba Roots incident, to play a dirty little trick on Libris and HyoCHAN. Komsip isn't generally one to get people in trouble; he just likes to have some fun.
  • Retro - Retro is another of the original children who heard the wonderful stories of Christofori. While he is not often mentioned, he has remained as a loyal supporter of Christofori and his stories.
  • Brainwash - Brainwash is a newer face around the campfire. He and a few others were invited to listen to the stories by the other children who had been there before.
  • Lyrica - Lyrica is another name for grl, and she is one of the newer children to come listen to the Master Storyteller.
  • DreamSectioN (or DSN for short) - DSN is another of the newer children.
  • Kyria - Kyria is also (surprise!) another of the newer children to hear Christofori tell his stories.
  • Cryssalid - Cryssalid is the god of damnation, and is in charge of the Ethereal Plane of Damnation and Brimstone. He is a truly evil god, though he still has to obey the will of the other gods when there is a consensus. Cryssalid meets each and every new soul who enters the Ethereal Plane of Damnation and Brimstone, and tells them all about the place (though, in recent decades, he has grown tired of this practice). Cryssalid's home in the Ethereal Plane of Damnation and Brimstone is his massive spire-shaped temple, which few have ever entered. While Cryssalid is a very evil god, he still honors truth and justice, even in his realm.
  • The Keeper of the Boat - The Keeper of the Boat is based on a similar character from older mythology. The Keeper is captain of the one and only boat which is able to cross the River Styxx0rz. He always expects a toll for passage along or across the river; but Cryssalid doesn't ever have to pay it, since he's the god of the realm in which The Keeper operates. The Keeper is not a soul of any words (he never speaks).

Some Places in the Enchanted Forest Series

  • The Enchanted Forest - This is the place where all of the stories either take place, or seem to be centered on. Many, many people and animals live in the forest, as it is very, very vast. Many of the animals that live there are even enchanted! There seems to be some sort of boundary around the entire forest, to which there is only one entrance, marked by magical gates.
  • The Ethereal Plane of Existence and Ponderance - This is where many of the gods from the story live. Occasionally, mortals are allowed to visit the Plane; though they must do so in spiritual form. Each and every Plane in the Enchanted Forest series (yes, there are more than one or two!) are flat; you can see in any direction indefinitely, as long as there are no obstructions in your line of site.
  • The Ethereal Plane of Damnation and Brimstone - This is where all of the souls go once they die in the Enchanted Forest. This place is not to be confused with 'Hell' or 'Hades' although many people have called it that. Very, very few people ever visit the Ethereal Plane of Damnation and Brimstone and return to the Enchanted Forest to tell the tale!

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