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stories & literature

night of the filterers

by Greg (RedHeat/M0d)

It was the night before Tuesday, When all throughout the house.
All you could hear, Was RedHeat's mad clicking mouse.

His internet cable was burning hot, the hottest to this date.
The archive was consuming new mods, like fresh pasta from a plate.

Just before it threw it's tantrum, the server gave an almighty cry!
The scripts had had quite enough of this abuse, and decided right there to die.

It was then late at night time, when the stars were out to shine
Modarchive's little server, just gave out little whines.

The filter had been broken, the system really distressed.
It was that RedHeat had filtered, that caused this terrible mess.

Lots of links had broken, the CGI's had screwed.
The Modarchive channel was fully alive, in the wake of this very feud.

It wasn't until Stary arrived, that things turned around
The Archive's script needed updating, since they had run aground.

Since '93 they had been left to simmer, when technology was quite tame.
The Modarchive was in for a big surprise, when high speed filtering became.

So from this very story, we all can now see,
That cable modems and lots of time, can cause a catastrophe!

The End!
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